YVIAN is a London-based designer, combining a passion for beautiful clothes and a commitment to social justice to create an ethical fashion label of edgy style.


Inspired by the cool flare of urban street wear YVIAN mixes an effortless sense of style with edgy design to dress a modern femininity, which is expressed through confidence and individuality.


The highest quality of tailoring, fine finishing and hidden details ensure that the fit and feel are both flattering and chic. The silhouette is “just-right” with often surprising elements achieved through the volume or structure of experimental fabrics.


YVIAN is a quality fashion label grounded in a sense of enduring modern style as a contrast to the fast and disposable fashion of today. Special attention is paid to the production process, in particular the working conditions, employment rights and equitable pay for workers. Where possible, fair-trade materials are also being sourced.